Erika Iris Simmons: Ghost in the Machine

Artist Erika Iris Simmon creates composite art from objects found in thrift stores and garage sales. Her creations involving old cassette tapes and film are part of a series titled “Ghost in the Machine”.

Simply amazing.



a creative artist takes a spin on everyday objects

Brock Davis takes a creative spin on anything and everything. His innovative touch on the norm allows your mind to explore a path you might not have thought of taking before. He has worked in advertising for over 17 years and lives by the motto “Make work that people want to talk about and have fun doing it.”

courtesy of a freaking amazing artist


Bence Hajdu, a Hungarian artist, recreated classic paintings as part of a school project. Gives you a new way of thinking, huh?

“I am a student at the university of fine arts, hungary. at one of the descriptive geometry classes we had a task to find and draw the perspective and horizon lines of renaissance and other pictures with significant perspective space. I thought it is not that interesting to just draw lines, so I decided to erase all the characters from them and examine how the painter really created the perspective space and how it actually looks.”
-Bence Hajdu

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